Size guide

Ring sizes

Inner diameter Inner circumference EU size US/Canada size
15.3 mm 48 mm 48 4 1/2
15.99 mm 50 mm 50 5
16.6 mm 52 mm 52 6
17.2 mm 54 mm 54 7
17.8 mm 56 mm 56 7 1/2
18.5 mm 58 mm 58 8 1/2
19.1 mm 60 mm 60 9

Interactive size guide

Do you have a ring from before? Our interactive size guide can help you find your ring size. You only need a ring from before to measure with!.

How to measure your ring size

Method 1: Measure your finger

How to measure:

1. Cut a piece of thin paper and wrap it around the finger you want the ring on.

2. Mark with a pencil where the ends of the paper meet around the finger.

3. Measure how many millimeters of paper there are from the end to where you marked. This measurement will correspond to the inside diameter that your ring should be.

4. Finally, in our ring size chart above, you can find the ring size that matches your measurement.

Method 2: Use an existing ring

Here's how to do it:

1. Find a ring you already own that fits the finger you want the new ring on.

2. Measure the inner diameter of the ring and find the ring size that corresponds to the measurement in our ring size chart above.