Size guide necklaces

Size guide for necklaces

Finding the right length of necklace can seem challenging. At Loulouis, we make sure to include an extender on several of our necklaces, so you can adjust the length by a few centimeters to find the perfect fit for you.

38 cm 38 cm chains are often the favorites among children, but adults looking for a necklace that sits close to the pit of the neck can also choose this length.
40 cm This is a slightly longer version, ideal for teenagers and adults who prefer a tight necklace. Our elegant and unique Ocean's Heartbeat necklace has a length of 38cm + 7cm extender and is perfect for those of you who like this length!
45 cm A moderate length that is suitable for both children and young people. This length strikes a great balance between style and comfort.
55 cm This is a more spacious length, which is often the favorite among adults. It gives you a little more room around the neck, and allows the necklace to hang a little lower for a more relaxed style.
65 cm Perfect for adults who like to wear several chains at once to create a layered look. This is the ultimate expression of personal style and uniqueness.

Dra for å tilpasse bredden av et kredittkort
100 mm (Startverdi)