Terms of sale


This transaction abides by the general sales conditions below for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet in the United States. It's subject to federal laws and any state laws where applicable. The terms of this agreement do not intend to limit statutory rights but establish the primary rights and duties of the parties involved.

1. The Agreement

The agreement encompasses these sales conditions, information provided in the ordering solution, and any separately agreed-upon terms. Relevant legal provisions that regulate the purchase of goods between traders and consumers also supplement the agreement.

2. The parties

Seller is Loulouis,

Grevinneveien 14E, 3117 TĂžnsberg,


47 24 19 40,

Treasure Group AS company registration number 931 414 135,

and is hereafter referred to as the seller.

The buyer is the consumer who places the order, and is hereafter referred to as the buyer.

3. Price

The quoted price for goods and services is the total amount payable by the buyer, inclusive of all taxes and additional costs.

4. Agreement Binding

The agreement is binding for both parties once the buyer sends their order to the seller. However, if there has been a typing error in the offer from the seller or in the buyer’s order and the opposing party realized or should have realized such a mistake, the agreement is not binding.

5. Payment

The seller may request payment for the item from the time it is sent to the buyer. For buyers using credit or debit cards, the card will be charged on the same day the item is dispatched.

6. Delivery

Delivery occurs when the buyer, or their representative, has taken possession of the item. The goods should be delivered to the buyer within a reasonably agreed-upon timeframe.

7. Risk for Goods

The risk for the goods passes to the buyer once they, or their representative, take possession of the goods in accordance with point 6.

8. Right of Withdrawal

U.S. law does not uniformly provide for a statutory right of withdrawal (return) unless goods are defective or the consumer has been misled or defrauded. The seller may provide a voluntary return policy.

9. Delay and Non-Delivery

If there's a delay or non-delivery of the product, the buyer may be entitled to a refund as per the seller’s policy or any agreement between the parties.

10. Defects

If the goods have defects, the buyer must notify the seller within a reasonable time. The seller may correct the defect, replace the item, offer a partial refund, or, if the defect is significant, the buyer may be entitled to return the goods and receive a full refund.

11. Seller's Rights in Case of Buyer's Default

If the buyer fails to comply with the agreement, the seller may be entitled to require the buyer to perform their duties, cancel the agreement, or seek damages.

12. Warranty

Warranties provided by the seller or manufacturer afford the buyer additional rights. A warranty does not limit the buyer's statutory or any other rights arising from the purchase.

13. Personal Data

The seller is responsible for any personal data collected in connection with the transaction. The seller may only collect and store the necessary data required to fulfill their obligations under the agreement unless otherwise agreed upon by the buyer.

14. Conflict Resolution

Parties should attempt to resolve disputes amicably. If unable to resolve, disputes may be settled through an applicable dispute-resolution process, whether it be in small claims court or through a mutually agreed-upon arbitrator.

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