About us

Loulouis is a Norwegian jewelery company that makes elegant, timeless and nature-inspired jewellery.
We are concerned with jewelery that lasts, jewelery that you can take with you further in life and that can be passed down.
We are grateful to share our passion and vision with you, and we hope that our online store will help to compliment your style and personality in a unique way.
Loulouis was founded in 2023 by Solveig Hansen under Treasure Group AS. The story of Loulouis started with a couple who shared a dream to create something of their own and unique, something that could radiate all our creativity. Solveig has a background in care and Jonathan is a developer. Together, we have a unique understanding of both care and technology, which provides a solid foundation for building and developing our own business.
Loulouis has been an idea that has been maturing in our minds for many years. Solveig has always been a caring, creative and dreamy soul. "Finally being able to unleash your creativity, design your own jewelery and being able to take you into the bubbling universe has been absolutely magical." After careful planning and hard work, we have finally taken the step to realize our dream. We started in a modest apartment in TĂžnsberg, driven by an unwavering ambition and a vision to bring joy and inspiration to people all over the world.
Jonathan is the technology expert at Loulouis. He is curious, innovative and incredibly solution-oriented. "We like to call ourselves the Dream Team".
Now we are ready to grow and expand our business.
Our heart beats to offer beautiful, good quality jewelery to suit every occasion and style. Our online store has been carefully put together with a selection of jewelery that reflects our passion for design, quality and timeless elegance.
We hope that our jewelery will bring you joy for many years to come.
Dra stripe til kanten av kredittkortet ditt
100 mm (Startverdi)