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LOULOUIS FRIENDS: Gives you points for every penny you spend!

by LOULOUIS 11 Jul 2023

Hello, Jewelry Enthusiasts! 🌟

Welcome to the sparkle squad! Haven’t heard about our customer club, Loulouis Friends? It's high time you do, because glittering rewards await!

Introducing LOULOUIS FRIENDS: A shimmering points system tailored just for you. You get points equal to your order sum in points, thanking you for being our cherished customer. Simply shop your favorite pieces, and watch your points grow!

Unlock Sparkling Rewards: Wondering where these points can take you? It's all about glittering discounts! Swap your points for discounts on your ensuing purchases, bringing that sparkling necklace or those elegant earrings even closer to being yours.

Keep Track of Your Glitter: Curious about your glowing point total? It's a breeze to check! Simply click on the vibrant green tab beneath our logo at the homepage's peak. You'll unveil a full overview of your amassed points, perfectly positioning you to strategize your next jewelry adventure with potential discounts in mind.

Become a Loulouis Friend Today! 🎉 Don’t wait; dive into a world where every purchase brings you closer to your next dazzling find. Join Loulouis Friends today, begin accruing your points, and step into a world where your loyalty is lavishly rewarded.

We're thrilled to welcome you to our gleaming club and, more so, to see you shine bright in your new jewelry. Let the sparkle fest begin!

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